About - Thomas Lieser


My motto in photography is
"I still see what we no longer bother to look at".

Besides taking pictures on long walks through the city I'm trying to do some concert and sports photography.

I'm not a professional photographer, so be patient with my results...

Contact me if you have any questions.


My Equipment

Camera: CANON 7D MK II, CANON 50D (yes, still using that old beast)

Lenses: CANON EF 50/1.4, SIGMA 30/1.4, TAMRON 70-300, SIGMA 10-20, CANON EF-S 15-85, CANON EF-S 24mm STM

Flashgun: CANON 430 EX II

My Software

Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, SmugMug Lightroom PlugIn

Use this link if you want to use SmugMug as well... It will reduce my next years payment :-)


Interested in a certain picture?

Are you interested in any pictures? Let me know by either leaving a comment, sending me the link to the page or the filename of the picture.

If you want to license or buy a picture I accept a donation to 

Médecins Sans Frontières (www.msf.org)

as a payment -- that way sharing is caring.

You'll find the filename of the picture below the (1) title (if no further description was added), or by clicking on the info icon (2), the filename will be displayed in the pop up dialog (3).

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